We provide information to empower patients and their families to partner with their doctors and other providers to make good decisions about their medical care. An educated patient is an empowered patient.

We serve large and small employers as well as health funds.

Different Than The Rest

Healthcare Service Advisor's independence differentiates us from most other patient advocacy firms. We have no ties to any health plan, insurer, broker, provider group or other entity (e.g., shareholders) that could affect our ability to provide objective information and assistance to patients. Many "competitors" have financial or other ties to health plans, insurance companies, brokers, etc. We work only for our members.

Informed Consumers

We are dedicated to helping patients and their families become informed consumers, who can knowledgeably navigate the healthcare system. With our guidance and information, patients are able to access doctors, hospitals, and behavioral health providers that are among the most expert in their unique medical or behavioral health conditions.

We help patients

  • By providing detailed explanations of diagnosis, options, outcomes, and risks
  • Identify and access providers who have the most expertise in treating their condition
  • Suggesting key questions or issues to discuss with their care provider
  • Work with physicians or other providers to select the treatment that best meets the patient’s needs
  • We provide information about doctor and hospital experience
  • We remove barriers to access appropriate care

What is right for me?

What is right for me?
Right now?

What is right for me?
Right now?
With my unique circumstances and needs?


Our responsibility is to you, the member, not insurers, hospital systems or providers. Our advice is based on the available information about what is right for you. We are not paid to make referrals.


Healthcare Service Advisors, is an independent privately owned company.  In business for over 25 years, and incorporated in Minnesota initially in 1986 as HSM and in 2016 as Healthcare Service Advisors, we continue to provide excellence in customer service and unparalleled patient advocacy services.

Where do I go?

Where do I go?

Voluntary & Confidential

Our services are voluntary and confidential. Use as much or as little of our information as you wish.

We work with you to find solutions that fit your needs.

We do not share your information without your permission and only then to help facilitate access to care or providers.

When to call

  • When you or a family member is diagnosed with a serious medical condition, such as cancer, heart problems or have a serious injury.
  • When you are concerned about whether a diagnosis is accurate or complete
  • When you and your doctor are considering different treatment options
  • When you want information about doctors or hospitals experience in treating your condition
  • When choosing a doctor or hospital and want objective information for your condition.