Navigating the

Healthcare Maze

Life Changing

An unexpected or serious illness can be overwhelming. You may not know where to go or how to get the information you need to get the best care possible. Healthcare today can be complicated and confusing and making decisions without good information can be devastating.

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Cost Saving

Investing a little more in finding the right care can pay huge dividends. For less than the cost of office coffee each month, you can improve the healthcare experience for your employees.

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The Importance of Flu Vaccinations

April 4, 2017

Yesterday, the CDC published a study where they show that data from 2004 shows that the majority of pediatric deaths occur in children who are un-vaccinated.

CONCLUSIONS: Influenza vaccination was associated with reduced risk of laboratory-confirmed influenza-associated pediatric death. Increasing influenza vaccination could prevent influenza-associated deaths among children and adolescents.

Many other studies have shown that flu vaccination reduce the chance of getting sick, reduce the intensity of the illness, and can also result in faster recovery times.

ER Visits much costlier than Urgent Care

April 1, 2017

via Health Leaders Media.

Ho said patients don’t realize the price difference for these two types of facilities until they learn their out-of-pocket expenses. The total price of a freestanding ED visit averaged $2,199 in 2015 versus $168 for an urgent care clinic visit.

“Many patients mistakenly think that freestanding emergency departments and urgent care clinics are similar, because they are often conveniently located in neighborhood shopping centers with modest storefronts,” Ho said.

Colon Cancer Awareness Month

February 28, 2017

March is Color Cancer Awareness Month.


In February 2000, President Clinton officially dedicated March as National Colon Cancer Awareness Month. Since then, it has grown to be a rallying point for the colon cancer community where thousands of patients, survivors, …

If you are 50 or have a family history, talk with your doctor about screening. People at increased risk, which includes people with a family history of colorectal cancer or polyps, inflammatory bowel diseases, or certain inherited conditions, need more frequent screening starting before age 50.  If you have have any of these risk factors or are unsure, speak with your doctor.

We are a partner in your healthcare journey

We are a partner in your healthcare journey
Not a nurse helpline

We are a partner in your healthcare journey
Not a case manager

We are a partner in your healthcare journey
Not a referral service

We are a partner in your healthcare journey

Complex and confusing?

An unexpected or serious illness can be overwhelming. Many don't know where to go or how to get the information they need to get the best care possible.

Whether you are looking for information on local doctors or need detailed information about treatment options we are here to offer support and resources throughout your healthcare journey.

Getting it Right the First Time

When a serious Healthcare issue arises, your first thought may be to turn to your local health service.  But not all providers are equal. Many times finding the right provider can make all the difference.

With reports of medical error being the third leading cause of deaths in the US choosing wisely is more important than ever.

Not Just Referrals

Our Patient Advocacy Services help people with everything from finding and accessing quality healthcare providers, detailed information on treatment options, knowing the right questions to ask your doctor, to personalized issues that arise during care.

We are completely independent of any healthcare providers or organizations.  We are not paid to make referrals.

Quality Information and Choices

Quality healthcare relies on many factors such as communication, quality measures, utilization of “best practices”, and coordinated care, among many others.  Determining a care provider's quality can be difficult to find even under the best circumstances, let alone when a serious issue is consuming your time and efforts.

We're here to help find the information crucial for good choices.

Constant Change

Rising Costs

Uncertain Markets

Ever-changing Federal and State Regulations

Benefits Employees Value

Healthcare plans are consistently the top rated benefit among employees and job seekers, contributing up one third of the value of a job package.

Does your healthcare plan give your employees the sense of satisfaction and security they desire?

Minimize Sick Time

Promoting workplace health and safety improves productivity, employee satisfaction and reduces rates of illness, absenteeism, healthcare spending, and work related injuries.

Providing your employees with high quality efficient health care can reduce direct and indirect costs associated with illness or injuries and productivity loss.

Because we cover immediate family members, it can reduce the impact of family illnesses on workplace productivity as well.

Shifting Health Care Costs

Economic pressures coupled with volatile and ever rising healthcare costs and insurance premiums have led benefit managers to recommend shifting healthcare costs onto employees. Consumer Driven Health Plans, High Deductible Plans, increased co-pays and limited services have all been used to encourage the employees to reduce unnecessary medical care and be more selective about providers, services and networks.

Realistically however,

Are employees really equipped to decide what medical care is necessary, which providers and hospitals provide high value care (quality vs cost)?

Do they know which doctors have the lowest complication rates which hospitals have the highest volume and best outcome for each procedure?

When a serious healthcare situation arises do they know what resources are available and how to interpret them?

Healthcare issues can be frightening and confusing making these important decisions even harder.

Customized Options

  • Individualized services that fit your employee demographics
  • Toll free employee help line
  • One low monthly rate
  • Covers employee and immediate family

We Help

  • Identify and access providers who have the most expertise in treating a condition
  • Provide information about doctor and hospital experience
  • Remove barriers to care
  • Provide detailed explanations of diagnoses, options, outcomes, and risks
  • Identify high cost or chronic disease patterns and access improved care
  • Provide your employees with the support and detailed follow up of healthcare concerns that creates positive healthcare experience